Paint Mixing

How to mix automotive and industrial paint

At Metalflake we have been mixing paint for over 50 years. Whether we’re preparing enough paint for a complete building, a full car respray or a 250ml tin to match a small area, our specialist paint consultants use the latest technology to ensure a perfect mix every time.

As well as supplying the automotive refinishing trade, Metalflake supplies paint mixes for a wide variety of other applications and projects including:

  • Film and TV production
  • Major construction/ infrastructure
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments

Example Projects

  • The Shard

  • Woolwich Train Station

  • Delta Point, Croydon

Paint mixing is a highly skilled process that requires complex equipment, premium quality product and a keen eye.

The process has various steps as outlined below:

Step 1

A customer will either send or bring a sample of the required colour into our distribution centre in Chessington, Surrey. The sample may or may not be on the same item as they want the paint for but they
do need to tell us what the end product will be e.g a car, a concrete floor, metalwork, a wooden staircase etc.

Step 2

We place the sample under the spectrometer which analyses the colour. A spectrometer is a
scientific instrument used to separate and measurespectral (colour) components of a physical object; this is sophisticated equipment, our entry level machines cost over £5000.

Once the colour from the sample has been analysed a paint code is generated to match against colour chips and charts which we compare against the sample for customer approval.

Step 3

The colour codes are entered into a ‘data box’ in our paint mixing room which provides a list of tinters which are the ingredients in our paint recipe. The tin is placed on the scales and the tinters are added in a unique and specific order and in the correct amounts or weights (usually grams) before mixing. This is a careful and by-hand process unlike the machines you might see in B&Q and takes years of training and practise to get it just right. 

For non-automotive or industrial coatings we also add binders to the recipe depending on the type of material or application needed. The type of binder is specific to the material it will be applied to.

Step 4

Once mixed, the paint is stirred and checked for colour before decanting and presenting to the customer.

Viola! Every colour under the sun, mixed to perfection...

Please call us on 020 8397 6198 or email to discuss your particular paint mixing requirements.